Sonia Rose’s Bridal Planning Tips

Heeding the words of industry experts would usually help you a lot. Getting valuable bridal advice these days could be availed for free. There are a number of tips posted online by premiere and well experienced planners, and one of them is Sonia Rose. Wedding planning is indeed a stressful experience that a first time bride will go through.


To help you brave through the issues of managing your own event, here are some of the valid wedding planning advise from Sonia Rose that you can follow:

Give enough time for planning

Nine months or more will be enough time to plan for a wedding. As much as possible, don’t squeeze the planning stage of a wedding in a very short period of time, like 3 months. Three months of wedding planning will make a mess of all the bridal things. Some couples are planning years before they could perfect the setup of their wedding. The key to a good wedding is timing, planning and coordination. These three could not be achieved if there is a very limited time.

Décor tips

In order to stun your guest with your exquisite style, make sure that you work with your theme extra carefully. Please make sure that you get creative with the designs of your bridal tables. As much as possible, choose designs that are close to your heart. Get a consultant to oversee the very details of your decors. Under the décor category, it includes florists, reception setup and etc.

Catering tips

One of the most memorable parts of the bridal ceremony and reception is the catering service. Instead of falling for the food cliché, make sure that you serve something delicious and refreshing to your guests. Sit down with your selected caterer and carefully plan out the dishes that should be included. Catering service will cover the desserts, especially the bridal cake, main courses, soup, appetizers and many more.

Venue tips

Decide whether you will be holding your big day in a closed or open venue. There are many considerations when you choose for an outdoor wedding venue, like the weather and its accessibility. On the other hand, you can pick indoor venue if you want pre-made packages. But if you are hoping for customized venue, indoor receptions may offer limited opportunity.

Determining the budget

You could not start working without the budget. Your wedding does not need to be very expensive, for as long as it has been celebrated decently. There are cases wherein the couple needs to break the bank. There are smart ways on how to hold a wedding which is affordable. All you need to do is be open-minded and sharp. By setting the budget ahead of time, you can save time as you will know what kind of services you should be getting.

Are you confused with what to do? Worry not because the valid wedding planning advise from Sonia Rose will give you light in the middle of bridal darkness. Please visit Sonia Rose’s official website for more information regarding wedding planning. Tips are provided by